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Children are wonderful and unique in how they soak up the world around them. It’s a never-ending adventure for students learning new concepts and build strong foundations of knowledge to last a lifetime. Do you find that your child is bright but is struggling with learning in school? Pathways Learning Services in Redding, CA, helps students who strive to learn but struggle with many types of Learning Issues such as: Reading/Spelling/Writing, Focus and Attention, ADD, ADHD, Speech, Dyslexia, Comprehension, Memory, Auditory or Language Processing Disorders, Sensory Processing, Test Taking, Self-Esteem & many more!

Trained professionals at Clear Pathways Learning Services provide their clients with a wide range of help with learning disabilities and learning disorders, with individualized treatments and techniques that start from the root cause of the learning issue and focus on reaching longterm improvement and success.  Utilized techniques and tutoring include Lindamood-Bell, Fast Forward, Interactive Metronome, Integrated Listening System, The Listening Program, Expressways to Learning, and many informal tutoring. Clear Pathways Learning Services treats clients from age 3 (academic treatment begins at age 5) to adult. Typically, tutoring is completed in 6-9 months, but longer plans may be available to those with severe issues.

Techniques have shown to be helpful with ADHD, ADD and other learning and attention disorders. Clear Pathways Learning Services also offers two ebooks and a home unit to help students. Beyond Tutoring: Strategies to Improve Reading, Spelling, Comprehension as well as Memory and Poetry Fun: Training Visualization Skills with Poetry can be purchased online. Clear Pathways Learning Services is a trusted, quality choice for Tutoring Services and Learning Disability Testing. Web based programs are coming soon.

To set up an appointment to conduct an assessment of possible learning issues that your child may struggle with, or to begin tutoring services, contact Clear Pathways Learning Services today at 2295 Hilltop Dr., Suite 7 • Redding, CA 96002 +1.530.768.1556