[media-credit name=”Randy Nelson” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]2FeathersTipi0514pic[/media-credit]   We had a rough start getting our new tipi  rental and sales business, 2 Feathers Tipi, off the ground.  We had a website, which was also new to us, and things were moving pretty slowly.  We needed to get our name out there and let the neighborhood know that we hand crafted custom tipis for sale and rent. Then we advertised in Mountain Valley Living Magazine and the phone and website lit up like Christmas.  One week after the magazine reached the shelves we had sold three custom tipis and had several calls for summer rental rates. The local campgrounds are sure to house 2 Feathers Tipis this year. We even sold one tipi to a web reader in South Carolina and our own website hits went from barely one hundred to over a thousand per day. In seven short days, we were well on our way and customers states away knew our name!  What a relief to get the ball rolling. Thank you Mountain Valley Living Magazine.

Randy Nelson

2 Feathers Tipi

po box 586

Westwood, Ca 96137