By Melissa Wynn

The only thing better than a delicious meal outdoors overlooking Lake Almanor, is knowing that you didn’t have to prepare it.  I love outdoor dining in our lovely Sierra home, so a guest and I decided to go check out the new Red Onion Grill & Bar lakeside location at 303 Peninsula Drive . What a treat! It was a beautiful, late Spring day with no breeze, so when our lovely server Christa suggested dinner on the deck, I knew we were in the right place.
Susanne and Liz were behind the new, fully stocked bar mixing up a variety of luscious libations for the crowd. Susanne suggested the house specialty, a Raspberry Mojito with fresh mint and berries. Yes please! For all you beer drinkers out there, the Red Onion Ale, bottled by Red Hook, is a must try. This light summer ale is an excellent compliment to the live weekend music or a few games of pool with friends. I love this bar. It even has a lake view deck but tonight, we were dining on the restaurant deck. That’s right, two decks.
We relaxed into our table overlooking Lake Almanor and began our meal with fresh green salads and fresh, warm rolls. The house Gorgonzola and Cranberry Vinaigrette dressings were divine. I could have lounged there all night. Soon, Christa returned to clear the salads and bring our indulgent “Original Grill For 2”. This mountain of food includes two petite black angus top sirloin steaks, two fire grilled shrimp skewers, two smoked fennel sausages (that we swapped for catfish), baby red roasted potatoes and fresh zucchini steamed to al dente’ perfection. Oh my, oh my! It took us a good, long hour of savoring flavors, but we managed to sample it all. As if that weren’t enough to make me waddle to the car, we just had try the beautiful Tiramisu in a jug jar. Rich, but not too sweet, this delicate dessert is a shining star at the Red Onion. I then became officially too full to move, so we just sat for awhile watching the birds ride the wind above the lake. Eventually, the sun began to hang low and it was time to say goodnight to gracious owner, Filip Laboda and his wonderful staff. What a great bunch! Busy at home tonight? Usually the Red Onion is happy to deliver to Chester, Lake Almanor and Hamilton Branch, on orders over $40. Give them a call at 530-258-1800 for more information.

Next time you find yourself craving some excellent pasta, steak, seafood or just a plain good time out, visit the Red Onion for dancing, billiards or dinner on the deck.


Red Onion Grill & Bar

303 Peninsula Dr.Lake Almanor, Ca