By Melissa Wynn

photos by Melissa Wynn

The economic demand for double income families and the convenience of fast and prepared foods have made good old fashioned, down home cookin’ a dying art. Dessert has come to mean ice cream from a carton or perhaps some cupcakes from a shiny cardboard box.  So many of us just don’t have the time or energy at the end of a long work day to throw together one of Grandma’s delicious chocolate pies, but fear not The Old Mill Cafe in Westwood, CA has us covered. Homemade pie is not just for Thanksgiving anymore! Six days a week Maxine, our own resident Grandma and scholar of the cooking arts, is faithfully posted in The Old Mill Cafe kitchen, creating masterpiece pies from scratch, the way pie was meant to be. There is always a menagerie of choices and trust me, making a selection is harder than you think. Not only are the daily choices posted on the wall, the cold case is in the dining room flashing its tempting fare. How does one push aside Mixed Berries in a flaky sugar dusted crust for Coconut Cream atop a thick layer of rich chocolate piled high with whipped cream (Black Bottom)? Many Westwood locals have a favorite but I recommend you visit Grandma often at 324 Birch St. and try them all.

So, you’re not the social type but still want Grandma’s homemade pie, Strawberry Rhubarb perhaps? Kippy, Sabrina, Stacy, Lana or Marci will be happy to cut you a wide thick slice ($4.25) of Dutch Apple, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pecan or maybe even a huge square of Bread Pudding and box it up with a smile to go. Just give them a call Monday – Friday 6am-7pm or Saturday 7am-7pm at( 530)256-3180. Can’t beat that with a frozen puck in a foil pan, no Mam. Whole nine inch pies and cheesecakes are also available by ordering ahead and range in price from $17-$25.  Rod Theobald, owner of The Old Mill Cafe, really knew what he was doing when he hired Grandma Maxine, his own mother-in-law to bake her famous pies for all of us, and when Maxine isn’t available his wife Connie can step right in. Let them eat pie! Come on over to Westwood and join us at The Old Mill Cafe for homemade pie. You can have Pumpkin or Pineapple Cream or Sour Cream Raisin or Cherry or……..