Mount Shasta: Viewed From The Fairways

By Richard Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi Rick Barlupi     I played my first round of golf at the age of 15 and I was hooked from day one. The game for...

Antique Appraisal By Sara Conklin

Dear Sara: My mom died and she left a lot of ceramic items that she and my grandmother made over the years.  Grandma’s ceramics are really old so I think I need your help.  I want to sell some of them but some I cannot part with.  Are these valuable?   Lisa M....

Red Bluff Round Up

By Stacy Fisher   Giddy-up all you cowboys and cowgirls! Lasso the kiddies and take the whole family to The 93rd Annual Red Bluff Round Up. The rodeo event, scheduled for April 18-20 promises to be the most exciting yet. Located at the 110-acre Tehama County...

Where Are The Porcupines?

By Melissa Wynn I was blessed growing up deep in the woods of the Sierra Nevada as a child. Porcupines were a very common wildlife sighting. In my late teens, I commuted on HWY 36 from Westwood out past the HWY 32 turn off for work and porcupines were every bit the...

The Elegant Little Ermine

By Melissa Wynn One of cutest wildlife sightings in our Mountain Valley neighborhood is the busy ermine. One of the smallest members of the weasel family these tiny but vicious critters weigh in at a mere three to fifteen ounces. They rarely make a...


          bigstock photo Getting there is what it’s all about!  How we get there is the question. Whenever I am in the Bay area, I am always  eager to visit a concert, a play or a museum.  I had read about two new exhibits at the de Young...

Three Fantastic Falls Of McCloud

Three Fantastic Falls Of McCloud By Melissa Wynn Where in the world can you see three waterfalls along one long path? McCloud, Ca is the place my Mountain Valley friends. Dubbed the Upper, Middle and Lower McCloud Falls these rushing waters are a must see when...


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