Journal Keeping – A Key to Future Fishing & Hunting Success

by Scott P. Hopper written for NorCal Fishing News Visit them at   Every winter I sit next to a warm fire and read my journal. Not the type I wrote as a child, but one that is filled with the past year’s adventures.  The proper use of...

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park By Melissa Wynn Lassen Peak began erupting in 1914, blew its top proper in 1915, and rumbled periodically until 1921. This activity forever changed the surrounding area and created the mystical playground we all enjoy. Lassen Volcanic was...

Fun to Make Origami Advent Calendar

Fun to Make Origami Advent Calendar You will need: • 24 – 3 ½ ” X 3 ½ ” squares of sturdy, patterned paper, like wall paper, heavy, gift wrap or patterned printer paper. Choose several coordinating patterns to make your project fit your holiday décor. • 1 piece of...

Critters Along The Way

By Melissa Wynn It is true when they say that the journey is half of the adventure. When road trippin’ in our neck of the woods you are sure to spot some kind of critter along the way. Each of our small mountain communities hosts its own population of magical...

What Is An Antique?

What Is An Antique? bigstockphoto By Linda C. Brennan American Society of Appraisers and vendor at Village Antiques in Quincy next to the Volunteer Fire Department According to Webster’s New Unabridged Dictionary there is several interpretations: 1. Old;  venerable;...

Running On The Sun Going Solar Made Easy

By Stacy Fisher The sun is nearly 93 million miles away, but you can easily plug-in to it right at your wall receptacle. All that’s needed are a few solar panels on your roof to capture its boundless energy. Homes with rooftop solar arrays have gone from curiosity to...

RV Stop on I-5

AN UPSCALE RV SPOT ON I-5 Trends have changed in RV travel over the past few years according to Bill Hollenshade, General Manager of Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff who has long worked in the RV industry. According to Hollenshade, the RV travel business is down about...

North American Mink

By Melissa Wynn North American Mink are soft and slinky members of the weasel family. Similar in smell, size and shape to the common ferret, mink are extremely agile and fast as can be. Having partially-webbed feet gives the North American Mink a great advantage in...

Working Dogs at Five Dot Ranch

By Michelle Wolf Jennifer Ward   Man’s best friend.  The tradition of cattlemen using dogs to help them with their day to day activities on the ranch continues.  Coming into the 21st century what has changed with tradition is the variation in breeds.  You could ask...

Meet The Artist Jesse Guess

By Eileen Majors When I first heard about Jesse Guess, I was told he as a ‘spray can artist’, and a phenomenal one at that. So I ventured up to meet Jesse at Plumas Pines Resort where he tended bar over the summer. His roots keep bringing him back to Plumas County...


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