One Perfect Day in Downtown Chico Ca

ONE PERFECT DAY IN HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHICO by Richard Barlupi    Surrounded by almond orchards this charming university town is home to historic bungalows, Spanish-colonial campus buildings and leafy tree-lined streets. The college scene isn’t where you’ll...

Wildlife Photography Tips

  Joel Trick  Misc Tips: Look for a catchlight in the eye. Focus on the eyes. Know your equipment. If you need to use one of the fancy features on your camera, but have to consult the manual to figure it out, you’ve lost the shot. Fill the frame...

Upland Bird Hunting in Beautiful Sierra Valley

By Michel Fike Photos Courtesy of Green Gulch Ranch Have you ever longed for a simpler life or a closer connection to the rhythms of nature? Imagine a crisp fall morning trekking the hills with your dog. Suddenly there’s a pause, a whirr of wings, and the day has...

Trekking through Truckee

      Photos by: By Eileen Majors While searching out some of our BEST ROAD TRIPS for this edition, we were taken back to Truckee, CA for more good times remembered on the Mountain Valley Living adventures. Turns out good things happen when you revisit...

Buffalo Chips Pizza Westwood Ca 530-256-2412

Click The Pic Below to View Their Menus and More Now Offering Free Wi Fi  Buffalo Chips Pizza Buffalo Chips Pizza ~ 322 Birch St. ~ Westwood, CA  (530) 256-2412 Buffalo Chips Pizza is located in northern California, just minutes from beautiful Lake Almanor, in...

Ancient Secrets To a Fountain Of Youth?

Ancient Secrets To a Fountain Of Youth? By Eileen Majors MVL   Author, balloonist and teacher Carolinda Witt teaches the program and offers DVD and books with instruction. A  few of her students had trouble performing the rites. In her effort to make the 5 Rites...

Toolin’ Around With J- Drywall Repairs

Welcome to July!!! Finally it’s warm and we are ready to go outside!!! It’s also a great time to paint and spruce up the joint!! But wait a minute! Let’s look at those walls……are they in great shape? Ooops, there’s a ding where Tommy’s Tonka truck flew off the table...


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