Internet Safety Tips for kids

From the FBI Internet Safety Tips for kids MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS KNOW THE RULES: If your child has access to a computer, here are some very important things for them to keep in mind when on the computer at home or at school. Go over these important FBI rules with kids... read more


By Eileen Majors Looking for a romantic getaway that includes a little adventure? Try our 2013 pick for romance in Truckee, California. Enjoy the rustic elegance of The Cedar House Sport Hotel, a 40-room lodge with 5 suites. Giant trunks of cedar trees, cedar beams... read more

Story Time – Another Real Christmas

By E. Suzanne Frances Heinz bigstockphoto Mary gazed out the window of  the tiny new place that she and 12 year old son Jake now shared in their new small town. “How can I make it like a real Christmas?”, she thought.  Mary had sold most everything to... read more

Reaching Out… With Christmas Tea

Share a cup of Christmas tea. bigstockphoto   With the holidays often comes bad weather and for some elderly folks who don’t easily get around, not much reason to venture out of the house. This is a perfect time to stretch your boundaries, jump out on that... read more

Take Me Back to 100 Years Ago

Take me Back to 100 Years Ago By Eileen Majors Photo courtesy of USGS I often think of what it would have been like to step off the train in Westwood a hundred years ago. The hustle and bustle of this newly built logging town was brimming with excitement while also... read more

The Marvelous Migration Of The Monarch Butterfly

By Melissa Wynn           The beauty of the majestic Monarch Butterfly has spellbound mankind for centuries. They flutter about all summer long bringing a smile to anyone who takes the time to notice. But, where do they spend the winter? The... read more

American White Pelican

By Melissa Wynn American White Pelicans, flying in from their Pacific coastal winter home, are a sure sign that spring has sprung at Lake Almanor. In late March or early April, I begin to spot a few on the causeway just outside Chester, CA on Hwy 36. A stop to look... read more

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