Meet the Artist – Jacquie Cordova

by Jan Cox Jacquie Cordova has served as a mentor to the arts in the Almanor Basin for a long time.  She is not only constantly creating with many types of media, she spends a great deal of her time teaching art to young and old alike. Moving to Westwood from Berkeley...

April Fools Day, Fooling Us All

By Melissa Wynn We all know that April 1st is the day set aside for Tom foolery and practical jokes but this fun filled holiday itself may be the best joke of all. I intended to tell the historic origins of April Fools Day, instead I found myself giggling about the...

Enjoy the Comforts of Home at Quail Lodge Lake Almanor, CA

  Quail Lodge If you are ready for an adventure at Lake Almanor, the Quail Lodge, located just a short walk from the lake, offers all the comforts of home and adventures too. Their on-site fishing guide is ready to take you out on a fishing expedition. In fact...

Lassen Humane Society

Take Me Home! The Lassen Humane Society has no shelter but offers services. Spay and neuter assistance is available, and the organization accepts donations. PO Box 1575, Susanville, CA 96137 Their caring staff takes calls at 530- 257-6311....

The Tale Of The Tipi

By Melissa Wynn and Randy Nelson Many people today believe that all historic Native Americans lived in Tee Pees. I recently learned that this is not true. Originally tee pees were used by the tribes living in the Great Plains.These brave buffalo...

The Elegant Little Ermine

By Melissa Wynn One of cutest wildlife sightings in our Mountain Valley neighborhood is the busy ermine. One of the smallest members of the weasel family these tiny but vicious critters weigh in at a mere three to fifteen ounces. They rarely make a...

Healthier Dinner Recipes

Healthier Dinner Recipes  by Eileen Majors bigstockphoto My Favorite Recipes for Dinner - Most evenings dinner consisted of:     • 3-4 oz. barbecue grilled or baked, boneless, skinless chicken breast or fresh white fish. I like Ling cod!     • 2 cups of steamed...

Ice Skating Comes To Chester

The Chester Recreation and Parks District recently announced the opening of an outdoor ice skating rink next to the Truman Collins multi-use field on Moody Meadow Road in Chester, scheduled to end when “Mother Nature” thaws out the ice. Though scheduled...

Ice Fishing Lake Almanor with Doug D’Angelo

          Well, we are having a good winter. Let’s hope the snowfall is enough to fill the lake. It has a long way to go. Last year was a good fishing year. An early run on salmon started the season followed by rainbows and browns all the way up until the...

Trading it all for Mountain Life – From the Publisher

By Eileen Majors             I love it when people from the city come to visit our mountain valley area. An air of relaxation seems to overcome them. It is obvious they have chosen this time to escape from their busy lives and relax to a...


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