Side By Side Adventures Now Available In The Almanor Basin

Side By Side Adventures Now Available In The Almanor Basin Captain Andy’s Side-By-Side Adventures – Departs from Westwood See the Sierra in an exciting new way. Beginning May 1, 2015 and available seasonally May 1 through October 31, Captain Andy’s Mountain...

Breakfast Bacon Cups Recipe

Ingredients: White or Wheat Bread Bacon Shredded Cheddar Cheese Eggs Butter Maple Syrup Salt & Pepper (Note quantities not added. This will vary depending on how many you plan to make. It’s safe to estimate about 2-3 per person. ) Directions: Pre-heat oven to 400...

Plumas County Gold!!

By Charles P. Watson stock photo   It is taught in all California schools that GOLD was discovered in California by John Marshall at Sutter’s Mill on January 24, 1848 and this started one of the largest human migrations in United States history. But is this really...

The True Spirit of Giving

by Lyn Walters I love Christmas. I really do. I like all the shining lights, the beautiful wrapping paper and tinsel, and the decorations hanging in the shops and homes. I like the cookies and candies and the Holiday feasts. I like nutcrackers and The Nutcracker...

Conquering Carpenter Ants

              CONQUERING CARPENTER ANTS When it comes to ants, there is no “one size fits all” treatment for all species and circumstances. In fact, what will work to prevent and control infestations of one species of ant...

Fishing the Hex Hatch…. In for a fight!

LAKE ALMANOR, CA It was a usual warm summer day with a lake full of swimmers, boaters and skiers. Typically the third week of June transforms the Almanor basin into a vacation wonderland, welcoming visitors from throughout the state and beyond. This day met all of...

Breaking Into The Backcountry

Breaking Into The Backcountry With Mark Underburg and Daniel Dobyns By Mara Dobyns                   With perfectly good ski resorts around one might question why anyone would want to go into the backcountry in the first...

Road Trip to Butte Meadows, Make Yourself at Home

By Melissa Wynn Photos by Bill Kelso – Here at Mountain Valley Living we have a great time scoping out new and exciting places to share with you, our cherished readers, and we are thrilled that many of you are logging on to and sharing...


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